Warranty and refunds

Here in UAZ we believe that our vehicle quality depends on the strict control over each and every component. Every original UAZ part is subject to stringent control measures and comply with the highest quality standards. Our components have been approved by manufacturer and are ideally suited for your vehicle.

That’ s why every product you purchase in our online store comes with a 1 year warranty. We are responsible for the quality of our products and spare parts quality, so we guarantee reliability and durability for your UAZ.

And if something goes wrong, you can always receive a refund and return the purchased product. However, we are sure that this won’t happen. Our years of experience have helped us to be convinced with that.


UAZ manufactured products that have separate warranties — with different time and mileage (or kilometers) limitations in the main limited Warranty. These parts include:

    • Batteries
    • Collision Parts
    • Catalytic Converters
    • Gaskets and Seals
    • Powertrains
    • Diesel Parts
    • Performance Parts
  • Brake Pads/Shoes
  • Shocks/Struts
  • Mufflers
  • Starters
  • Alternators
  • Water Pumps

The following covered components for UAZ engine assemblies, which prove to be defective in materials or workmanship, will be replaced on an exchange basis for 120 days: cylinder blocks and all internal parts; cylinder head assemblies; intake manifold; core plugs; valve covers; oil pan; timing gear and/or chain and cover; water pump; gaskets and seals.


Batteries that are discharge will not considered defective.

This warranty does not cover corrosion due to fire, accident, vehicle abuse, owner negligence or vehicle alteration; corrosion caused by sand, hail, airborne fallout, chemicals, salt, road hazards or stone damage; or surface paint deterioration or corrosion (other than inside-out perforation).

UAZ warranties not cover non-UAZ parts, components or equipment. These warranties also do not cover the costs of any repairs or adjustments that might be cause by use or installation of any non-UAZ parts, equipment, materials or additives. UAZ warranty do not cover the costs of repairing damage or conditions caused by fire or accident; by abuse, negligence or misuse (for example: driving over curbs, or overloading or racing the vehicle); by improper adjustment, alteration or failure to maintain the vehicle on which parts are installed; or corrosion or damage caused by the use of caustic materials.

UAZ warranties do not cover parts installed on a vehicle used for racing or competition, nor do they cover the repair of any damage or conditions caused by racing or competition.

UAZ warranties do not cover the costs of repairing or replacing any part due to damage caused by poor or improper maintenance, contaminated fuels, or the use of fuels, oils, lubricants or fluids of a type other than those recommended in your UAZ owner manual.

UAZ warranties do not cover the costs of damage caused by environmental factors or Acts of God. “Environmental factors” include such items as airborne fallout, chemicals, tree sap, salt, ocean spray and road hazards. “Acts of God” include such things as hail, floods, windstorms, lightning, tornadoes, sandstorms and earthquakes.

UAZ warranties do not apply to parts installed on a vehicle that has had its odometer or emissions systems tampered with or disconnected, or that has been declared a total loss by any insurance company, or is rebuilt after being declared a total loss; or is issued a certificate of title indicating that it is designated as “salvage,” “junk,” “rebuilt” or words of similar import.

UAZ will deny warranty coverage without notice if it finds that a vehicle is ineligible for warranty coverage because it has been salvage or declare a total loss as set forth in this paragraph.

UAZ warranties do not cover any incidental or consequential damages connected with the failure of the part under warranty. Such damages include lost time; inconvenience; the loss of the use of your vehicle; the cost of rental cars, gasoline, telephone, travel or lodging; the loss of personal or commercial property; or the loss of revenue. Some states do not allow the exclusion or limitation of incidental or consequential damages, so the above limitations or exclusions may not apply to you.


Other information you can find in FAQ or ask our specialist in feedback


If you want to return a defective product or not matching the order. Fill out the form and send it by e-mail to parts@uaz.ru. Your application will be process within 10 working days; you will receive a response by e-mail.

For a defective product, you need to provide a list of documents:

1. Photo of the defect

2. Photo of packing with our original number

3. The filled application

For an order with an incorrect attachment

1. Photo of the received goods

2. Screenshot with the ordered goods

3. The filled application

Link: Download application for return

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