1.1. This User Agreement (the Agreement) stipulates the terms and conditions for using the services of the website (the Website) including the online shop.
1.2. UAZ LLC and Website Users shall be the Parties to the Agreement.
1.3. UAZ LLC shall have the right to amend the Agreement, add or delete paragraphs of the Agreement, at any time without prior notification of the Users.
1.4. The continued use of the Website by the User shall mean his acceptance of the Agreement and amendments to the Agreement.
1.5. The User shall monitor the amendments to the Agreement on his own.
2.1. In the context of the Agreement, the terms below shall have the following meaning:
2.1.1. Online Shop shall mean a web resource hosted under the domain name, which contains the information about the goods and seller and which provides for an opportunity to choose, order and (or) purchase the goods.
2.1.2. Website Administration shall mean the employees authorized to maintain the Website on behalf of UAZ LLC.
2.1.3. Website user (the User) shall mean a person who has access to the Website on the internet and uses the Website services.
2.1.4. Content of the Online Shop (the Content) shall mean the protected results of intellectual activity including texts of literary works, their names, forewords, annotations, articles, images, covers, music with and without words, graphic, text, photo derivatives, elements or other works, user interfaces, visual interfaces, trademark names, logos, software, databases, design, structure, choice, coordination, layout, overall style and order of the Content which is a part of the Website; other intellectual property, taken collectively and/or individually, available on the Online Shop website.
3.1. The subject of the Agreement shall mean providing the User with access to the information materials and features available on the Website for using the services of the Online Shop.
3.1.1. The Online Shop shall provide the following services to the User:
- access to the search engine and navigation of the Online Shop;
- access to information about the goods and about purchasing the goods;
- other services (features) available on the Online Shop Website.
3.1.2. All currently existing (active) services (features) of the Online Shop, all their future modifications and new services (features) of the Online Shop shall fall within the scope of the Agreement.
3.2. The Agreement is a public offer. Once the User has access to the Website, the Agreement shall be regarded as accepted by him.
3.3. The use of materials and features of the Website shall be regulated by the relevant legislation of the Russian Federation.
4.1. The Website Administration shall have the right:
4.1.1. To change the terms of use of the Website, and to change the content of the Website. The amendment shall come into force from the date an updated Agreement is published on the Website.
4.1.2. To restrict access to the Website if the User fails to comply with terms and conditions of the Agreement.
4.2. The User shall have the right:
4.2.1. To have access to the Website once the registration requirements are fulfilled.
4.2.2. To use any services available on the Website, to order any goods offered on the Website.
4.2.3. To ask any questions about features of the Website, using the contact information published in the Contacts section of the Website.
4.2.4. To use the Website solely for the purpose and in accordance with the procedure set forth in the Agreement and permitted by the legislation of the Russian Federation.
4.3. The Website User shall undertake:
4.3.1. To provide any additional information directly related to the use of features of the Website, upon the request of the Website Administration.
4.3.2. To respect property and non-property rights of authors, other rightholders and licensees, when using the Website.
4.3.3. Not to take any actions that may be regarded as the ones disrupting the Website functioning.
4.3.4. Not to disseminate any confidential information or information about legal entities and individuals, protected by the legislation of the Russian Federation, through the Website.
4.3.5. To avoid any actions that may result in the disclosure of confidential information protected by the legislation of the Russian Federation.
4.3.6. Not to use the Website for disseminating promotional information unless permitted by the Website Administration.
4.3.7. Not to use the features of the Website for:
- publishing the content (information) that is illegal or in breach of the rights of others; promotes violence, cruelty, hatred and (or) discrimination based on race, ethnicity, sex, religious or social affiliation; contains false and (or) insulting information;
- inciting unlawful actions or assisting other persons in breaching the restrictions and prohibitions existing in the Russian Federation; 
- violating the rights of minors and (or) causing them any damage;
- discriminating the minorities;
- pretending to be someone else or to be a representative of a company and (or) organization without being duly authorized, pretending to be a representative of the Online Shop;
- misinforming about features and qualities of any particular Goods from the catalog available on the Online Shop website; 
- incorrect comparison of Goods and creation of negative attitude towards the persons who use (do not use) certain Goods, or judging those persons.
4.4. The User shall be banned from:
4.4.1. Using any devices, programs, procedures, algorithms, methods, automatic devices and equivalent manual processes for accessing the Website, purchasing, copying or tracing its Content.
4.4.2. Disrupting the proper functioning of the Website;
4.4.3. Skipping by any means the navigation system of the Website in order to receive (or attempt to receive) any information, documents, materials by using any tools that were not provided by the features of the Website.
4.4.4. Having unauthorized access to the Website functions, other systems or networks related to the Website, and to any features available on the Website.
4.4.5. Disrupting the security or authentification system of the Website, or on any other network associated with the Website.
4.4.6. Performing backward search, trace or attempt to trace information about any other User of the Website.
4.4.7. Using the Website and its Content for any purposes prohibited by the legislation of the Russian Federation, inciting unlawful actions and other actions in violation of the rights of UAZ LLC and others.
5.1. The Website and its Content, which is a part of the Website, are owned and administered by UAZ LLC.
5.2. No Content of the Website can be copied, published, reproduced, transferred or disseminated by any means, or published on the internet, without prior written consent of the Website Administration.
5.3. The Website Content is protected by the copyright, trademark legislation, and by other rights related to the intellectual property and competition legislation.
5.4. The User may be required to comply with the registration procedure on the Website, required for opening of a User's account, in order to purchase the Goods available on the Website. To open an account, the User shall undertake to provide true and full information according to the questions in the registration form, and shall keep this information updated. In case the User provides false information or in case the Website Administration has suspicions that the information provided by the User is incomplete or false, the Website Administration shall have the right to ban the User or to close his account, and to deny the User the Website features (or certain features).
5.5. During the registration, the User shall choose his login and password for accessing his account. The Website Administration shall have the right to prohibit the use of certain logins, and to set certain login and password requirements. By opening an account the User agrees to have his personal information used for his registration on the Website, processed, in particular he agrees that his personal information will be processed as follows, with or without automation (computing) tools:
collection, record, categorization, accumulation, storage, clarification (update, change), extract, use, transfer (dissemination, provision, access), impersonation, blocking, deletion, destruction of personal information. The personal information provided by the User may be processed for the following purposes:
- monitoring of compliance by service centers with warranty policy;
- maintenance of inquiry history of the service centers;
- collection and analysis of statistics about the sales and quality of services provided by dealers and service centers in the car trade;
- conduct of marketing research related to the sales, services, after-sales car maintenance;
- promotion of goods, works and services offered by UAZ LLC, official dealers, UAZ service centers;
- sending notifications, information letters, promotional materials to the User.
5.6. The personal information of the User may be processed for unlimited period.
5.7. The User shall be personally responsible for the protection of confidentiality of his account information, including his login and password, and for any activities, without any exception, conducted using the User's account. The User shall be personally responsible for any risks caused by the use of the User's account by third parties, and shall have the obligations and responsibility arising from the activities conducted using the User's account.
5.8. The User shall immediately inform the Website Administration of any unauthorized use of his account or password, or of any other breach of the security system.
5.9. The Agreement shall be applied to any supplementary provisions, terms and conditions of purchasing the Goods and using the services available on the Website.
5.10. The information published on the Website shall be interpreted as an amendment to the Agreement.
5.11. The Website Administration shall have the right to change the list of Goods and services available on the Website, and (or) prices for these Goods and services, at any time without prior notification of the User.
6.1. The Website Administration shall not reimburse any losses caused to the User by intentional or negligent breach of any provision under the Agreement, and by unauthorized access to the communications of other User.
6.2. The Website Administration shall not be responsible for the following:
6.2.1. Delays or interruptions of operations caused by force majeure, and by any failure of telecommunication, computer, electric and (or) other associated systems.
6.2.2. Activities of money-transfer services, banks, payment systems, and for delays caused by them.
6.2.3. Improper Website functioning in case the User has no technical means at his disposal for using the Website. The Website Administration shall have no obligations to provide those means to the users.
7.1. The Website Administration shall have the right to disclose any information about the User of this Website in cases where the disclosure is required for investigation or in case of a complaint about unlawful use of the Website, or for identification of a user, provided that he violated the rights of the Website Administration and other Website Users, or interfered with those rights.
7.2. The Website Administration shall have the right to disclose any information about a User provided that it find it necessary for the compliance with the relevant legislation or judgments, terms and conditions of the Agreement, for the protection of rights and security of UAZ LLC and Website Users.
7.3. The Website administration shall have the right to disclose any information about a User provided that the disclosure is required or permitted by the legislation of the Russian Federation.
7.4. The Website Administration shall have the right to close and (or) block access to the Website, without prior written notification of the User, provided that the User breached the Agreement or terms and conditions of the Website use from other documents, and provided that the Website is no longer functional due to technical failures or problems.
7.5. The Website Administration shall not be responsible for closed access to the Website to the Users and third parties.
8.1. In case of any disputes and disagreement between the Parties to the Agreement, prior to filing a complaint with a court, the Parties shall make a claim (written proposal for friendly dispute settlement).
8.2. The receiver of the claim shall inform the claimant of the results of its consideration within 30 calendar days from the date of its receipt.
8.3. In case the dispute cannot be voluntarily settled, any Party shall have the right to file a complaint with a Moscow court seeking the protection of its rights guaranteed by the relevant legislation of the Russian Federation.
9. Miscellaneous
9.1. The Website Administration shall not receive counter proposals from the Users proposing amendments to the Agreement.
Update of 1 April 2016.
The User hereby confirms that he had studied all paragraphs of the Agreement and accepts them.

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